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Orundum (the red one) is used to pull the gacha. Each pull costs 600 Orundum (3.3 Originium), and 10 pulls costs 6000 (33.3 Originium). Orundum is obtained from the following: Daily mission reward. Weekly mission reward. Annihilation Mode Produced through the Factory. Exchanged from Originium (1 Originium for 180 Orundum) Tips:

100 orundum from the daily missioons. 500 orundum from weekly. 1600 orundum from 400/400 annihilation 1 and 2 and resets weekly. challenge option of story missions also gi CLICK HERE TO GET FREE CLICK HERE TO GET FREE CLICK HERE TO GET FREE ve originite prime. You can get 11,400 orundum a month just from dailies, weeklies, and annihilation. with 5 dollar monthly card from the shop you get 200 orundum per day for

To orundum farm you farm rocks from 1-7, convert them into originium shards in your factory, and trade those in at a trading post. You run 3-3-3, with one factory producing shards and one trading post exchanging for them. Your other factories produce gold so that you don't run out of LMD.

You can exchange Originite Prime or Originium for Orundum, which can then be used to Headhunt for Operators. 1 Originite Prime equals 180 Orundum. Use to Refill Sanity Playing the main story will require using sanity. The sanity bar refills naturally, but it you can't wait, you can use Originite Prime to fill up it quickly!

Orundum can be obtained in game by trading Originium Shards in a Level 3 Trade Post. Originium Shards can be processed in a Level 3 Factory using Orirock Cubes or Devices and LMD. Is it worth farming Orundum? First, make sure you have enough resources saved up for your Operators should you need them.

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Originite Prime or Originium can be exchanged for Orundum. 1 Originium will give you 180 Orundum. You can easily get Originium for clearing missions for the first time with 3 stars. Check Out How to Farm for Originium Here Other Ways to Get Orundum

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Terminology Table of Contents 1) Why orundum farm? 2) Orirocks, LMD, and sanity use 3) The math 4) Which base setup to use? 5) When to produce orundum in base 6) Operator RIIC orundum boosting skills 7) Extra benefits: Trust farming, green, and gold certs 8) Operator progress and leveling up

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CN name 至纯源石 Type Currency Tier 6 Originite Prime is a currency in Arknights . Description Dangerous but necessary, this precious material is widely used across many fields. Widely used in industry, this Originium crystal is difficult to extract.

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Orundum (the red one) is used to pull the gacha. Each pull costs 600 Orundum (3.3 Originium), and 10 pulls costs 6000 (33.3 Originium). Orundum is obtained in a number of ways. You can obtain them through Daily mission rewards and Weekly mission rewards. They can also be obtained from the Annihilation Mode.

[1] Overview Appearing as a black, semi-transparent crystalline mineral (although it has been occasionally seen in other colors like blue or gold), Originium can be found at sites of Catastrophes in large quantities, and is believed to play a role in causing them.

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For the newbies of arknights, do not blow your Originium to Orundum for the headhunt! If you check on the store and tap on the Packs section. As you level up, you can get a free Enhancement Pack and a Pro Enhancement pack. The pro Enhancement pack requires you to use some Originium to buy it. And in that, pack the amount of Originium spent will

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Information on Arknights' newest Operator! [Typhon] will be a 6★ Sniper [Heavyweight / Besieger]! the shaman of the nearby tribe used the Originium Arts to direct the branches to support the vehicle and help us take out the supplies. Subsequently, we arrived at the target location on foot, and the arrival time was 15 days later than the

All major story spoilers such as character deaths, revelations, plot-twists, etc., must be tagged as such, as well as all story and gameplay content related to the latest EN chapter or current event. All content unreleased on EN requires spoiler tags, except for the names of operators, their kit and event names.

The Originium Shard is a material in Arknights . Description An Originium shard collected from polluted regions. Can be used to produce Orundum. An Originium shard collected from heavily contaminated regions. Anyone who touches it has a high chance to get infected and even mutate.

When you reach level 3 trading post, you unlock Mining Strategy which allows for originium order to trade 2 Originium shards to 20 Orundums. Are you willing to pay ~120k LMD and ~579 Sanity for one extra pull? If yes, switch over to 1-7 to farm orirock cube and switch training post to Orundum orders If no, sorry for wasting your time >_

Orundum is a currency in Arknights . Description An artificial material commonly used to recruit operators. Made from Originite Prime, it also contains other minerals. In the past, it was used only as a conductive element, but it has since become a store of credit value. Contents 1 Usage 2 Acquisition 2.1 Originite Prime 2.2 Operations 2.3 Missions

Orundum Orundum is Arknight's Headhunting currency, which you can use to take a chance at finding high-rarity Operators. Each Headhunting session costs 600 Orundum, while a 10-pull is 6,000. Orundum can't convert to Originite Primes, so think twice before making that conversion!

1 Originium Shard can be traded for 10 Orundum in the trading post 600 Orundum is needed for 1 Headhunting pull 1 real life hour restores 10 Sanity points Let's assume you are an avid Arknights fan who plays daily and never lets a single Sanity point go to waste.

2000 Orundum; 1 Originium Prime; Senior Operator Training Invitation: Can promote a non-e2 5* operator to e2 lv1 immediately, the mats being used on this operator won't be refunded. Originium Prime: Immediately taking effect and won't be limited to Originium Prime Maximum Duration. [Starter Fit-in Pack] (¥6)


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